Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction can completely change a person’s life. This is one of the most extensive dental health procedures that people will ever receive. Many patients will go through their whole lives without getting anything on this level.

There are many patients who will need individual teeth replaced or repaired. When people get the full mouth reconstruction procedure performed, they will get every last tooth replaced or repaired. Procedures like this will certainly have an effect on a patient’s gums and the other elements of a patient’s mouth. However, despite the name of the process, it still generally involves the teeth.

The candidates for these procedures will always have severe and extensive dental health issues. People who are just unhappy with the appearance of their healthy teeth are not the best candidates for something major like a full mouth construction. These people should get braces, especially if they just don’t like the alignment of their teeth. Some people will benefit from getting dental veneers, especially if they only have a few basic problems with their healthy teeth. Even if they have a lot of issues with their teeth that relate to the appearance of those teeth, it’s still not a good idea to try to resolve everything with a full mouth reconstruction.

The patients who get full mouth reconstruction will need to get multiple dental problems treated at once, and a full mouth reconstruction is sometimes the most efficient way of making that happen. Patients who have lost a lot of teeth will sometimes need to explore this particular option.

Some people have had persistent problems with tooth decay. Getting some dental fillings is not a problem. However, getting multiple substantial dental fillings for the same tooth will not solve the underlying problems with the teeth themselves. Patients who have a lot of decaying teeth might need to get most of them replaced, or at least fixed. Tooth decay is a fixable problem, but it is a problem that needs to be taken seriously one way or another. When enough teeth start to decay and when they decay substantially enough, patients will need to resolve the issue with a procedure that will truly allow them to get at the root of the problem.

Certain underlying medical conditions can affect a person’s teeth, destroying or at least affecting all of them in the process. Recovered oral cancer patients, for instance, might be in need of a full mouth reconstruction at some point during their recovery. People who have a tendency to grind their teeth as a result of certain psychological issues will end up damaging their teeth in the process. They might more or less damage all of their teeth at once when that happens, making them good candidates for a procedure that will help them save all of their teeth.

The Experience of Getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Some dental procedures will always take longer than others. Full mouth reconstruction procedures will take a long time to complete in general, and people should not expect to be in an out of the dentist’s office quickly. Lots of patients will be sedated during these procedures, even if they are only minimally sedated. There are lots of different methods involved with a full mouth reconstruction, and people should discuss all of the details with the dental professionals involved.

These procedures can certainly be painful. Anything that involves a lot of substantial work on the teeth can hurt. People who have had a lot of issues with gum pain and tooth decay might spend a lot of time recovering after their full mouth reconstruction procedures.

Patients will need to work with specific dental professionals in order to get a procedure like this performed. Prosthodontists will be the professionals who will help patients with dental issues on this level. Patients will need to get their mouths examined, and the prosthodontists will help them decide on which specific procedures will work for them. They can decide on the exact level of sedation that they will need. Patients certainly won’t run into any surprises at any point.

Fixing Everything with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The patients who ultimately get full mouth reconstruction procedures will potentially end up saving themselves from decades of dental pain. People who have a lot of persistent dental issues will be in a situation where they’re constantly trying to fight against medical issues that never seem to go away. Dental problems tend to get worse over time, and a lot of people will watch their dental health degrade, feeling like they’re unable to do anything about it. Full mouth reconstruction procedures can help people reverse all of those trends overnight, making them feel as if they’ve truly gotten new mouths.

Even if patients still have some teeth remaining, losing one tooth can affect the neighboring teeth. A person’s teeth will help to give a mouth structure. People really do need to have all of their teeth in order to truly maintain their dental and oral health, and a full mouth reconstruction procedure can help people protect their mouths in general.

When people lose enough teeth, it can affect the structure of their jawlines and their gums. These sorts of problems can lead to facial shape changes. In fact, a lot of older people start to look dramatically different after they lose their teeth, and this is due to the effects of tooth loss. People can prevent all of these different issues by getting a full mouth reconstruction procedure performed. People who worry about the cosmetic aspects of dental problems should be especially enthusiastic about something like this.

A full mouth reconstruction can give people a new level of confidence. Individuals who have very severe dental issues might try to hide those problems from everyone that they meet. Eliminating those concerns can change people’s lives in every way. This is a dramatic procedure that can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life.